973V 2400AH - 40FT. Container

The battery container is composed of battery rack, BMS, andECS. The battery container is an ideal green energy storage solution with scientific internal structural design, advanced battery production procedures, high energy density and long cycle life, safety and reliability, and wide temperature range. The main function is to provide grid and frequency regulation and adjustment with the connection PCSs, and stabilize intermittent renewable energy systems output.

Product features include: 

1. High safety: The battery module uses lithium-iron phosphate cells, which are non-flammable and non-combustible.

2. High stability: Adopt Linear's leading AFE IC, which has many features such as small sampling error, fast sampling speed, built-in equalization circuit, temperature and voltage sampling, and EMI resistance.

3. Modular design: The high voltage battery system is made of a stackable type, with high expansion flexibility for easy transportation, installation, and follow-up maintenance.

4. Built-in isoSPITM communication interface: 1Mbps isolated serial communication, using a single twisted-pair cable, up to 100 meters long, low EMI.

5. ISO standardized CAN BUS structure, no master-slave data communication, good reliability, good real-time, strong anti-interference.

6. Real-time voltage and temperature sampling data of all single cells can be sent to the control system in real time.

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January 1, 2021

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