Truewin Technology looked at improving the cell performance and applied STOBA (Self Terminated Oligomers with Hyper-Branched Architecture) and Foresight’s high porosity separator into our customized battery cells.

STOBA is a nano dendrimer polymer compound added to the LiBs to form a thin protective film that provides two lines of defence. When the battery heats excessively (>120°C) due to external impact or piercing, the end points of the STOBA polymer’s branched structure react together to form a cross-linking three-dimensional network which acts as a physical barrier insulating the anode and cathode, decreasing both electric and ionic conductivity and suppressing thermal runaway. At the same time, STOBA efficiently scavenges free radicals and suppresses oxygen release to shut down the thermal runaway process. The combination of these two effects virtually eliminates the risk of explosion and serious internal short circuit (ISC). The additional contribution of STOBA is the extension of high-temperature withstanding duration ability. It helps the cells to operate consistently at a higher temperature during discharging/charging scenario and extend the cycle life of the cells and the longevity of the system.

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Wind & Solar Power Stations
Industrial & Commercial Facilities
Uninterrupted Emergency Power Supply
Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Isolated Location without Electricity


January 1, 2021

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