1229V 2752kWh - 20FT. Container

Aurora Series

0.5C Liquid cooling container-based ESS battery solution 

Safety Reliability

Multi-level firefighting system includes fire detector, controller, storage bottle group, pipe network, sprinkler, pressure relief valve, audible and visual alarm, gas spraying indicator light, emergency button, and manual and automatic switch. 

Based Monitoring System

• Possess ISO international standardized CAN BUS structure/RTU/ Ethernet, with robust data communication reliability, real-time data display, and anti-interference ability.

• The battery management unit can perform real-time data collection, including the voltage of each battery cell and the temperature of each battery module.

Great Cost-Effectiveness

• The liquid cooling-based battery module is composed of 3.2V/280 Ah lithium iron phosphate battery cells, and each of the ESS container has six battery racks.

• The battery module adopts the glycol liquid cooling system to provide excellent heat exchange efficiency and low energy consumption.

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Industrial & Commercial Facilities
Uninterrupted Emergency Power Supply
Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Isolated Location without Electricity


January 1, 2021

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